The holistic marketing concept uses a multi-layered approach to develop, design and carry out marketing programs and activities.

A total-quality philosophy, it encompasses customer/audience relationship building and maintenance; aligning, motivating and empowering employees; integrating communications for a consistent tone and style of your brand message; and taking into consideration what is in the best interest of the community-at-large.

When it comes to your business, everything matters.

Relationship Marketing

Rather than focusing predominantly on sales transactions, businesses are quickly recognizing the long-term value of customer relationships and extending communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages.

Internal Marketing

More recently, internal marketing has been increasingly adopted by employers striving to build stronger links between the employee brand experience and customer brand experience in order to enhance communications and reinforce employee behaviours. After all, employees are a brand’s most eligible ambassadors.

Integrated Marketing

Brand communications should be created in such a way that they convey a seamless experience for the customer and are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message. This includes all aspects of marketing communication (advertising, sales promotion, public relations direct marketing, online communications, and social media).  Working together in a cohesive manner, rather than each effort in isolation, maximizes efficiency. Integrating marketing solutions can also significantly reduce the costs of mass media and media fragmentation.

Consumers are now spending more time online and on mobile devices; therefore brand exposure needs to be engaged seamlessly in order to act in real time, similarly to a conversation.

Socially Responsive Marketing

An important philosophy, companies should aspire to produce desirable products that provide immediate satisfaction and long term benefits. These products are sought by consumers for immediate gratification and also yield benefits to society and consumers in the long run.

Has your company adopted a holistic approach to marketing? What element do you find companies missing out on most?

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Why your business needs to embrace holistic marketing