An active and engaging blog can become the go-to place for your clients, peers (and competitors) when they need to know the latest company news and industry insight. It’s a time consuming task which very little margin for error, which is why many companies choose to work with a copywriter who can find the right words for each and every post.

Blogs make for great social media content, but they can also be really useful information banks – where sales staff share links to case studies or product launch info, written in a consumer-friendly tone which can be far more refreshing than a corporate brochure or newsletter.

When you hire me to create your blog content, you can always expect:

  • Regular content with minimal impact on your time
  • A consistent tone of voice across your entire business
  • Great stats and info researched, linked to and referenced to give your blog posts real gravitas

From industry opinion to CSR news, contract wins, case studies and advice pieces, keeping your blog up-to-date with fresh and engaging content will keep your clients and search engines happy.

Blogs Boost Your SEO

Corporate blogs can help your website gain search engine ranking, which then translates into increased traffic. Adding consistent content through your blog, search engines notice that your site is fresh and informative.

Blog posts also give you the opportunity to use fresh and diverse keywords that will help your prospective customers find you in search engines. For example, If you’re selling antique cars, every post on your site can target the keyword phrase “antique cars” as well as related phrases like “classic cars for sale” and “European classic cars”.

That type of content positions you as the authority on antique cars both to Google and your visitors, and you can link from your blog to related sales pages on your website.

Write Like A Human

Keep your website fresh by regularly posting new content. Posts can be as short or long as you desire. Stick to one main point or topic per post.

The most popular blogs today use a friendly, conversational tone, so forget the corporate jargon.

Instead, write as though you were speaking. Inject a bit of your personality. Talk with passion about your subject or demonstrate your sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to get personal, as that’s the best way to forge a connection with your readers.

What To Blog About

Coming up with ideas for blog posts takes creativity.  You’ll want to offer quality content that’s relevant to your chosen niche or your readers will evaporate.  Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. New products
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Industry trends
  4. Customer success stories
  5. Product or service reviews
  6. Behind the scenes
  7. Charity work
  8. Contests
  9. Reader polls
  10. How-to information

In addition to well-written copy, make your posts visually appealing.  Include photos.  Break up big blocks of text with subheads, bullet points, charts, infographics and even video.

Promote Your Blog With Social Media

Social media and blogging go hand-in-hand. Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are perfect places to announce new posts and attract new readers.  Your best posts may even go viral with your online contacts promoting them to their own networks. Score!

Get Help With Your Blog

If you need help writing content for your blog, contact me, Andrea Antal, freelance copywriter. I’m based in Dubai, UAE, but work with companies all over the world. I offer compelling blog copy at affordable rates.

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