Brochure Copywriter

Persuasive Copy Generates Results

While most companies have been shifting their attention to online marketing, corporate brochures still have a valid presence in your marketing efforts.

You’ve probably invested a lot of money in the design of your brochure, but it needs to do more than simply look pretty.

Your brochure is there to sell – pure and simple. And it will only do that if it contains powerful and persuasive copy.

By writing clear, customer-focused copy, your brochure will show your customers the benefits of your products and services. It will tell them what you will do for them and it will get them to take action.

Creating an effective brochure is much more than slapping your logo on the cover and sticking a few paragraphs about your company on the inside.

Your brochure copy must:

  • Address your reader
  • Convey the benefits to your reader
  • Engage your reader and get them to take action

That’s why it’s essential you use a professional brochure copywriter. I collaborate with a graphic designer (yours if you have one; mine if you don’t), to create eye-catching literature that drives your reader to respond.