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Case Studies Build Authority and Generate Sales

Everyone loves a good story.  Case studies a great platform to showcase how you solved a challenging problem for an existing or past customer, and persuade prospects that they can benefit from what you have to offer.

Add Case Studies to Your Marketing Mix

Use case studies to introduce new products, showcase different applications, update your offerings and expand into new markets.

Whether your business is large or small, you can use your success stories from happy customers to convince future customers that your product or service will work for them, too.

Why Case Studies Work

Unlike a brochure, press release or ad, your case study should be an informative nugget of literature without appearing to be self-serving or “salesy.”  They lay out the facts and allow the reader to draw the positive conclusion, effectively building your credibility.

The Anatomy of a Case Study

Your case study is a real example of how a customer benefitted from your product or service.  It should read more like an interesting story than a formal term paper.  A clear beginning, middle and end will make it easy to follow.

Here are the steps for an effective case study:

  1. Choose a scenario that your target readers should be able to relate to.  They’ll welcome the opportunity to learn from someone else’s similar experience.  In fact, the closer your case study matches the typical problem of the target audience, the greater the level of affinity the reader will feel with you.
  2. Give the necessary background and details to explain the situation and help the reader envision the scenario.  Describe the challenges, the variables that made this particular scenario so complex.
  3. Explain how your service or product was implemented and the results you achieved.  Be sure to offer meaningful proof that supports your assertions.  Including any quantifiable data such as percentages, prices or other numerical statistics will further drive home your points.

Testimonials Add Credibility

Customer impact statements from a happy customer add an extra punch of credibility to a case study.  People have their own way of expressing themselves, and their voice will not only add an interesting element to your case study, a potential customer may ultimately be swayed by hearing first-hand how your products or services benefitted someone else.

Case Studies Make Great Content

Once you have the facts organized for your case study, you can easily repurpose the material into new marketing tools.

With some quick modifications to format and length, use them in brochures, in presentations and on your website.  You can even use them as the basis for a press release, blog post or Facebook status.

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