Lead Generation

Lead generation is a vital marketing technique successful businesses use to grow their email and boost sales. In order to attract new customers, it’s important to set up ways for prospects to contact you through the web, capture visitors even if they visit your website or store and don’t buy, and use social media to fuel your sales pipeline.

While your website is the primary online tool for generating business leads, all your online marketing efforts should drive targeted leads to your website. Once those visitors arrive, you want them to buy whatever it is you’re selling or get in touch to learn more. Right?

Some great ways to generate leads for business growth include:

  • Choosing the right contact form
  • Creating an opt-in offer form, such as a newsletter subscription form, free white paper, e-course registration, or squeeze page (or landing page)
  • Online chat for support
  • Using video or audio on your site
  • Mining social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.) for targeted website traffic

Keep in mind that if your website doesn’t feature links or buttons to popular social networks, you’re missing out on valuable leads!

If you want to stop wasting your time and money on marketing that isn’t getting you the results you want, I can help you create a lead generation strategy that will help you build traffic and quality leads.

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