It’s a fact that 86 per cent of the global population can write, but writing your shopping list and writing for a business are two very different skills. For owner-managed businesses and SMEs, learning some professional copywriting skills can drastically boost your marketing and overall business communications.

If you’re looking to improve your blogs, newsletters, printed communications, e-shots, social media posts, or all of the above, my marketing mentor service is a straightforward two-step process:

  1. You give it your best shot
  2. I critique it – all the time

But not in a snarky, judgemental way (who wants that?!). Nope. Think of me more like your whimsical, wordsmithing fairy godmother. I’ll always explain the reasoning behind my suggested changes and how you can make it work for your next piece.

From rogue apostrophes and common typos, to the structure of your content, sentence length, what tone to use, and that ever-important call to action, I will provide tips and pointers to help you move forward with every piece of copy you create. The ultimate goal, of course, is to reach the point where you don’t need me.

Through my marketing mentor service, I work closely with junior or graduate agency writers, as well as business owners and team members, to help them learn key skills including:

  • How to tell a story, balance an argument, and structure news
  • How to write for both an online and offline audience
  • Writing copy to specific editorial styles
  • Avoiding common errors
  • Understanding the difference between American and UK English writing styles

And much more, depending on your business and the content we’re reviewing.

If you’re interested in learning more about I can help you as your very own marketing mentor, let’s talk!