Soar to New Heights with a Company Newsletter

Company newsletters are a valuable and cost-effective marketing tool. They are an engaging yet subtle sales technique for keeping in touch and building loyalty with customers.

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers

  • Introduce your company to new prospects
  • Maintain contact with your current customers
  • Build your brand
  • Promote new products, services or special offers
  • Position your company as the authority on a certain subject
  • Capture names and contact information of people who visit your website

Quality Content is Key

By offering news, hints and tips, advice and offers, your newsletter will encourage sales by keeping your company’s name firmly in the minds of your customers.

But to be effective, your newsletter must push all the right buttons – and that’s where I come in with the 4 elements of powerful newsletters:

  • Effective subject lines – to increase your open rate and avoid tripping spam filters
  • Powerful headings – to encourage your customer to read your newsletter
  • Interesting and entertaining content – to add value to your relationship with your customers and promote long-term relationships
  • Strong call to action – to encourage your customer to buy, click through to your website, or sign up for a new course (whatever you need)

Not only that, I’ll also make sure your newsletter mimics your voice and style perfectly so it looks as though it was written by you.

Encourage your subscribers to share your newsletter by forwarding it friends. Include links to your profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and any other social media on which you participate so your readers can connect with you across multiple platforms.

Newsletters Generate Leads

People view the Internet as a place to learn. Fill your newsletter with useful information, and you’ll find you have a loyal subscriber base from which to cull customers.

Don’t forget to archive old newsletters on your website. New prospects who discover your company may want to read them. Also, search engines love newsletters’ keyword-rich copy and will reward your site with a higher ranking.

Get Your Customers To Read All About It

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Get Your Customers To Read All About It

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