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Have Some Exciting News To Share?

Press releases are a powerful and cost-effective tool to get media attention for your company. They can also help you establish your business as an industry leader.

They expose your products and services to new prospects and confirm to existing customers that they’re working with a winner. Best of all, they keep your business’s name top of mind.

What I Can Do For You

As a public relations copywriter, I can write press releases for your company about any of the following subjects:

  • New products
  • New applications
  • New programs
  • New services
  • New employees
  • Awards won
  • Special events planned
  • Participation in charitable events

These topics are just idea starters.  But don’t limit your PR efforts to them.  Often the most successful press releases are those that are unusual, unexpected or have a creative twist.

Press Release Distribution

You can send your press releases to local newspapers and magazines as well as national publications if your news is truly noteworthy. Don’t forget about trade journals for your industry. They often welcome news items.

You’ll also want to send your press releases to any relevant e-newsletters and blogs. These publications have highly targeted distribution lists that can put your company’s name in front of quality prospects.

Some e-newsletters and blogs will charge you a fee, while others are grateful for the free content. If you’re fortunate to come up with a winning subject at the right time, you could even see your press release go viral.  Talk about free advertising!

If you have an established mailing list, you’ll be able to distribute press releases yourself. If not, then you may want to rely on a distribution service. An experienced PR professional can help you determine the best distribution channels for maximum exposure of your press release.

Add Press Releases to Your Website

In addition to placement in industry publications and local media, press releases should have a place on your company’s website. They can provide valuable information to potential customers who are deciding whether to buy your products or use your services.

They’ll help shape a favourable impression of your business.  Also, their keyword-rich copy can improve your ranking on search engines, driving more traffic to your website.

Use Social Media to Expand Your PR Reach

In addition to traditional distribution methods, social media is a great place to cross-promote your press release and get more buzz for your brand.

As a marketing and public relations professional, I can help you get the most mileage out of your announcements.

When your press releases are written in an informative-but-not-salesy sort of way, your audience will undoubtedly love hearing about your latest accomplishments or new products and services that you’re introducing. In fact, they might even be motivated to share your big news with their own networks!

Share Your News With The World

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