Strategic Marketing Planning

Unlike a business plan, your marketing plan focuses on winning and keeping customers. A marketing plan uses facts and objectives to illustrate the tools and tactics you plan to use to achieve your sales goals. In essence, it’s a short (1-year) or longer-term action plan identifying what you’ll sell, who will want to buy it, and the tactics you’ll use to generate leads that result in sales.

There are many benefits to having a strategic marketing plan in place:

  • It puts a written guide in place for your business to follow to reach your goals and objectives
  • It allows your business to create and utilise consistent messaging internally and externally, meaning everyone understands what you’re offering and how you’re offering it. If everyone is on the same page, they can work towards the same goal and work much more efficiently, which also adds to your bottom line.

If you’ve never written a strategic marketing plan, or have trouble pin-pointing the elements within your plan, I can help you create a plan that will effectively map your path to success. Effective marketing plans include:

  • Situation analysis: Define your company and its products or services, as well as describe the benefits you provide and how your products and services offer better value than your competition. Your situation analysis will also include your company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
  • Describe your target audience: Create a profile of your prospective customer in terms of demographics – age, gender, family, composition, income, geographic location – as well as lifestyle. You can also describe their behaviour and factors that influence their purchase decisions.
  • List your marketing goals: As specifically as possible, list what do you want your marketing plan to achieve?
  • Develop your marketing communications strategies and tactics: The heart and soul of your marketing plan, this is where you will detail the tactics you’ll use to reach your prospects and accomplish your goals. A great marketing program targets prospects at all stages of the sales cycle. Examples might include, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, etc. This section also include the supporting items that you’ll need to accomplish each tactic. For example, if you plan to meet with prospects in person, you’ll need to print brochure and business cards.
  • Set your marketing budget: Marketing is absolutely essential to your business, but understanding that you likely have a limited budget, rest assured that with creative thinking, there are plenty of different tactics available for reaching out to your audience.

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