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In today’s business world, the most important element in your marketing activities is your website. Your prospects and existing customers use the internet for a wide range of purposes, including researching products from the comfort of their homes or office, and even on the go. Chances are, your competitors are already online and using their internet presence an an extremely powerful sales, marketing and promotional tool.

Not being online puts you at a serious disadvantage (a Facebook page doesn’t count!).

Your website is the heart of all your sales and marketing efforts. It’s like a window into your business, where potential customers can look at the products and services you have to offer – the ultimate brochure. You can even sell your products directly through your website, making it easier to reach customers anywhere in the world!

The bottom line is, a great website can bring in customers who would never find your product or service otherwise. You simply can’t afford to not have one!

If you’ve just started your business and are about to create a website, or if you’re planning to redesign the site you currently have, I can help guide you from strategy to completion, and create a website you and your customers will love.

Things to consider when creating or redesigning your website:

  • What information are your customers are looking for when they land on your site?
  • How you can make browsing your website an engaging and pleasant experience for your visitors?
  • What are your competitors doing, and how you can stand out in your industry?
  • How can your website support your marketing goals?
  • How will you get your website visitors to do what you want them to using effective calls to action?

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer, you’ll also want your website to be friendly and easy to navigate, as well as:

  • Engage existing customers, giving them reasons to feel food about their past purchases and connect with your company.
  • Share interesting and frequently updated information about your products or services, industry and organisation on the site, so the consumer can gain useful knowledge by visiting you online.
  • Maintain a section for business-to-business (B2B) relationships that matter to your marketing (such as affiliates, distributors, stores and sales reps).

I can help you with…

  • Initial discussion to discuss your brand’s voice and positioning as well as who your target is
  • Reviewing your website, including analytics
  • Assessing tone of voice, SEO, social proof, content, design layout, visual style, user experience, architecture, etc.
  • Providing you with a checklist of recommendations which you can either use to update your own site or use as a brief for your web designer
  • Developing a website strategy if you’re just getting started or improving the one you have if the site you have is struggling to bring you interest and sales.
  • Website content creation: You know, having a site that visitors actually enjoy and want to read (see copywriting services).
  • Website design: If you’re looking for a custom, responsive website design, I work with a fantastic team of designers and developers that will build you the site of your dreams. I can either act as the project manager for your website project (only one point of contact) or I’m happy to put you in touch with them
  • Getting a search-friendly site that Google and other search engines will love and appreciate (see search engine optimisation services).


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