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If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your business, you’re in the right place. I can help you get the clarity you need to plan and implement the marketing & PR activities you need to grow your business.

I know how it goes… You’re busy. As a small business owner, you are passionately devoted to building a successful business.

Fortunately, you love what you do. All those hours you spend working on your business, thinking about your business and planning to do things that will improve your business never seem to be time wasted.

Sure, you’re tired, but it’s all proving to be well worth the effort. You’re making sales, pleasing your customers and growing your bottom line. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to run your business AND dedicate your time to marketing it the way you know you should be.

You probably have a few of these things on a list you’ve rolled over for a few months (or years):

  • Build a remarkable and memorable brand.
  • Develop a website beyond the basic site (or Facebook page) you threw together a long time ago.
  • Start collecting contact details to build your email marketing list…and then figure out how to send an e-newsletter.
  • Finally decide which social media networks are the best fit for your business, and get your social strategy (and calendar!) in place.
  • Create content for your blog or social sites on a consistent basis (have you EVER hit the one post per week you set as your goal?).
  • Set up Google Analytics on your website so you can track SEO and performance.

If this sounds familiar, don’t feel bad. Marketing can be a tremendous time suck if you’re spinning your wheels, trying to catch up with the latest bright and shiny marketing trends.

The good news is you’ve landed in the right place. Whether you don’t have the time, don’t have the know-how, or just plain don’t have the interest in doing some (or all) of your marketing, I’m here to support you! Whether you need someone to put your business into words, help you get your head around an internet marketing strategy or get Google to help your customers find you, I’m here to help!

Reach out and get the marketing help you need!

Not only I will give you time-tested advice, but I can also help you create and execute a customized marketing strategy quickly and painlessly.
Marketing doesn’t need to be something you resist, fight with or dread hearing about. It can be a turning point in your small business, and I’m here to support your journey.

Outsource your marketing and
boost your business. 

I have more than 20 years of experience in marketing & PR and can quickly and painlessly advise you on which marketing tactics I believe will help take your business to the next level.


Andrea Antal founded AAC to help small businesses realize their true potential to get noticed in an ever-competitive market. In today’s digital era, my goal isn’t to help help you fit in – it’s to make sure you stand out.


I work closely with small business owners to demystify marketing & PR with proven solutions to help your business thrive both online and in the real world. I’ll craft strategies and tactics that are specifically designed for your business.


Smart marketing is critical to business success. Marketing creates demand. Without demand there are no sales and without sales there is no business. The problem is finding the time and experience internally to do the job effectively.


Get in touch today to discuss your short- or long-term business goals, and I’ll put together a no-obligation proposal that’ll knock your socks off and convince you I’m the right partner for the job. Sound good?

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different… in a good way

I do things differently to the average agency. With a lean business model and no fancy shmancy office (that you’re unlikely to ever visit), I’m able to keep costs at a fraction of my competitors so you can reach the right people and spend the thousands you’ve saved elsewhere.

Marketing & PR has revolutionised: extortionate fees and outdated methods are a thing of the past. If you’re a forward-thinking small business owner that likes to do things differently, I’ve got the moxie to help you propel your business forward.